2016 Sponsorships

Sponsorship of Digital Frontiers provides an international reach for supporting organizations, through our newsletter, conference and webinar attendees, and other activities which engage up to 1000 constituents. Last year’s conference at Unviersity of Texas at Dallas hosted 110 attendees and featured 39 presenters from 11 states, 3 countries. In 2015 the number of submissions increased by 47% over the preceding year, and we expect attendance to increase proportionately.


General Sponsorships:

We invite stakeholders from a variety of public and private entities to support the digital humanities through monetary contributions to this conference. These funds will be used to offset operational costs for the project, including conference activities, keynote speakers, etc. Sponsors will receive recognition that may include logo placement on the website and in promotional materials, recognition in the monthly newsletter (up to 500 subscribers), verbal acknowledgment during sponsored events, and distribution of collateral materials to event attendees.

Student Travel Scholarship Fund:

The Digital Frontiers community encourages the participation of undergraduate and graduate students. Inspired by the intrepid Texas Tech undergrad who took a bus from Lubbock to Denton to present in 2014, these funds will be evenly distributed among all students who are travelling more than 50 miles to present at Digital Frontiers. Contributions of any amount are welcome. Contributions may be anonymous, or will be given recognition on the conference website, and during the presentation of the scholarships to student recipients at the conference.

Collateral Materials:

We welcome contributions of branded items for inclusion in swag bags for registrants (enough for up to 150 attendees), including but not limited to:

  • Branded pads of paper and pens

  • Name badge holders and lanyards

  • USB drives, etc.

Supplied items may carry/contain whatever appropriate branding or advertising you choose to include.

If you are interested in supporting Digital Frontiers, please contact us at digitalfrontiers@unt.edu. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the conference and the various sponsorship opportunities.