Session 7: Real Talk: Connecting Classrooms and Public Archives

About This Session

This lightning talk panel brings together representatives from Houston institutions collaborating to bring items from local LGBTQ archives into university classrooms to produce professional digital displays to be housed on public platforms like the Houston History portal maintained by the Houston Public Library, ultimately connecting broader publics to the archives where original items are housed.

Collaborators working at this scale often present such projects publicly only after completion.  These narratives tend to focus only on what worked, rather than what was challenging.  This panel intervenes to shift attention to how the collaborative process itself is staged.  It is a prospective rather than retrospective presentation.

The panel consists of two parts: lightning talks from the representatives followed by a single group discussion including those attending the panel.  The lightning talks (5 minutes each) allow each representative to sketch the goals, concerns, and questions they bring to the collaboration.  The group discussion opens conversation to issues raised by the lightning talks and others those in attendance see in the collaboration.

Panelists include:

1. Larry Criscione (Charles Botts Collection, Inc.) a Houston GLBTQ repository

2. Judy Reeves (Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of GLBT History, Inc.) a Houston GLBTQ repository

3. Brian Riedel (Rice University) incorporating digital humanities projects into the Spring 2017 Introduction to LGBT Studies

4. John Mulligan (Rice University) manages digital humanities practica for Rice University’s Humanities Research Center

5. Jeanette Sewell (Houston Public Library) content for the Omeka site at HMRC/HPL

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Lisa Spiro

Lisa Spiro serves as the Executive Director of Digital Scholarship Services at Rice University’s Fondren Library. Her publications include “’This Is Why We Fight:’ Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities,” “Opening Up Digital Humanities Education," and “Can a New Research Library be All-Digital?” (with Geneva Henry).

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Larry Criscione

Larry Criscione is a retired US Postal Service employee, active for 20 years at RMCC in Houston. He was in charge of the Botts Archive and the church and when they sold it, he was head of a group that started another one. He travels and grows much of his own food. The archive is open and used by students, professors, writers, and other researchers both local and out of state.

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Judy Reeves

Judy Reeves is a founder of Gulf Coast Archive & Museum of GLBT History,  Inc. and has served on the Board for most of those years in one capacity or another. She is “curator for life” by acclamation of the membership many years ago and enjoys that privilege.

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Brian Scott Riedel

Brian Scott Riedel is a Professor in the Practice of Humanities and assistant director of the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Rice University.

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John Connor Mulligan

John Mulligan is a lecturer at the Rice University Humanity Research Center (HRC). Since earning his Ph. D. in English Literature at Brown University in 2016, he has taught English literature and experiential learning courses at Rice under the HRC's Public Humanities initiative, funded by the Andrew W.

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Jeanette Claire Sewell

  • Rice University
  • Fondren Library

Jeanette Sewell is Database & Metadata Management Coordinator with the Rice University Library.  Jeanette is a graduate of the University of North Texas, and she has presented for the Texas Library Association, Region 4 Education Service Center, and Amigos Library Services among others.

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