DF Learn

Call for Workshops

In the past eight years, Digital Frontiers has torn down walls, found community, and pushed boundaries. As we turn to the future as a community, we want to put your expertise front and center in a new professional development initiative, DF Learn.

DF Learn will be a series of webinars and online learning opportunities for scholars, students and professionals in digital scholarship. If you have a digital scholarship, information literacy, scholarly communication, or other workshop that you’ve done at your institution or at a conference, we will provide the support and infrastructure to convert that to an online learning event. We’ll charge a modest registration fee, and instructors will be paid a percentage of enrollment for your time and expertise.

DF Learn students will receive documentation of their participation in the workshop, and have the option of enrolling in Continuing Education credits.

To propose a workshop, just fill out this form and the DF Learn committee will review your proposal, offer feedback and, if accepted, work with you to develop your workshop.

Submit your proposal now to help kick off this new initiative by and for the Digital Frontiers community.