Rice University BioScience Research Collaborative

6500 Main St.
Houston, TX  77005


About this Location

The BioScience Research Collaborative is an innovative space where scientists and educators from Rice University and other Texas Medical Center institutions work together to perform leading research that benefits human medicine and health.Thoughtfully designed to facilitate and encourage interdisciplinary interactions among interinstitutional researchers, the BRC is equipped for cutting-edge laboratory, theoretical and computational investigations. Research encompasses a wide range of disciplines from chemistry to bioengineering and focuses largely on improving human wellness through science. More than just a building, the BRC is a catalyst for new and better ways for researchers to collaborate, explore, learn and lead.



Parking is available in the three-level underground garage of the BioScience Research Collaborative building. Click here for parking rates.


Bioscience Research Collaborative


BRC 106
BRC Auditorium
BRC Exhibition Hall
BRC Lobby