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Communities of Practice: Toward a Local and Global Digital Humanities

Cogent Arts & Humanities welcomes submissions to a special collection of articles exploring the evolving field of digital humanities.

Digital technology has forever changed the way humanists conduct research and engage with the world. It is now common for scholars to share research online with an increasingly global audience yet local resources continue to animate and inform so much digital humanities research.

This special collection will explore the potential impact of information technology and digital media on humanities research communities. The editors encourage a wide range of novel and interdisciplinary approaches to this theme: we seek submissions dedicated to describing community formation and collaboration while accounting for global research partners and local knowledge stakeholders; we encourage submissions that reflect on both the local conditions necessary to conduct research—in the form of archives, people, places, and cultures—and the broader effects of globalized and outward facing humanities practice; and we are seeking submissions that can colocate the social, political, and cultural impacts of digital humanities research occurring around the corner and around the world. (Learn More)