University of Texas at Dallas Eugene McDermott Library

The Eugene McDermott Library embraces the mission of the University of Texas at Dallas by providing maximum access to relevant, authoritative, and scholarly resources. We are dedicated to maintaining a congenial atmosphere for the library community and will endeavor to advance the lifelong educational needs of our diverse clientele. 

The Eugene McDermott Library has been a longtime supporter of the UTD School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication in all its endeavors. We cater to the content creators as well as the analysts and theorists with our resources and services: thousands of online journal subscriptions, over one million ebooks, thousands of books in print, digital cameras and DVDs, a vast digital archive, streaming video and audio services, and more. Plus, we provide expert training and friendly assistance with accessing our collections. While the library encourages exploration and self-discovery, we are equally happy collaborating with our researchers on their projects.